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Desktop.ini usb background

First you need to create a file in your flash drive. Then set file name to and change Save as type to All files. Click Save as. Open file from your flash drive. Copy Paste both these files (i.e. and into your USB device and make them hidden by selecting Properties -> Hidden Files. Just REFRESH your screen and you will see your image on background. 26 Jan This trick is also applied to local drives also. Put an image (*.jpg *.png *.bmp etc.) file into the USB drive. Open the notepad and paste these lines. for windows xp: Save the text file as into the USB drive. Refresh the window or remove the USB safely and plug it again.

12 Dec IconArea_Image=background\ IconArea_Text=0xFFFFFF. Then save it as and delete the old New Text For my external hard disk, I can give any folder a background by making a file with the following code: [AveFolder] Recursive=1. 13 Feb Click ok and then open the folder u just created (plus changed the icon) you will find a file name (which was hidden earlier) open.

So here we are posting 3 methods to set any desired wallpaper as background image of any folder in Windows XP: A. Using Trick to Set a Wallpaper . It's really a 3 step process. Let's begin: Steps in changing the background of your USB device: 1.) Open a Notepad. 2.) Paste this code and save it as Then open the file in notepad and enter following content. .. how to create background in USB Drive if folder open you will see a.


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